Welcome to Asbestos AU!

Welcome to Asbestos AU blog!, “AU” mean Australia because we will discuss more about asbestos in Australia regions such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and many others region. Thank you for visiting this blog and enjoy the information 😀 , are you ready?


First I want to ask you, do you know what is asbestos is? or do you ever seen the asbestos? Asbestos is usually detected on home material such as the wall or the roof, here is the asbestos looks like.

asbestos looks like

Do you familiar with this stuff? you can find this material in your home (if you have an old house). Asbestos is made of several materials, which usually contain fiber. In Australia, some homes, or buildings they use materials, which contain asbestos, this is very dangerous, because asbestos can, affect your health. Several types of disease, which is caused by asbestos, asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

There is no reason for us to keep the material which contain asbestos stay in our home, we have to make something to clean it.

On this post, i just want to introduces the general thing about asbestos and here is the points:

  • Asbestos was banned is several countries
  • Asbestos contain lot of dangerous material
  • Many home parts are used the asbestos material
  • Old house/building usually have asbestos
  • Asbestos cause several disease such as mesothelioma and lung cancer
  • It will take several years to see the effect of asbestos on your body
  • Need a professional or licensed people to clean asbestos

We advise you to perform asbestos removal contractors by contacting a reliable, licensed, and conducted by a truly expert in this industry.

From several surveys, in several cities such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney, there are still many houses that still has a roof that made from asbestos material, see it? it’s fact and we have to aware about it.

The conclusion of this short welcome post is; i want to warn you that asbestos is really danger, asbestos is still appeared in many house in our cities, the removal process of asbestos need a pro because the law not allowing us to remove any asbestos is our home without their licenses, even the pro asbestos removal worker need a safework knowledge. Be careful! I will discuss more about this hazard in the next post, thanks again for reading and enjoy your day!


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